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Monthly Archive for December 2010

Come on down for #SeedChat!

Last Wednesday, December 1st, was the inaugural #seedchat that myself and MrBrownThumb started up because we’re pretty huge nerds that can’t get enough of seeds.

For those of you who aren’t on twitter (because I hear rumours that such people do exist), once a week we gather and with the aid of a helpful third party side (my favourite being tweetchat.com) chat about the topic of seeds. Our first one was a bit of an informal affair that consisted of a bunch of us just talking about random seed topics, as well as gathering future ideas for specific topics we’d like to cover.

This Wednesday, December 8th we’ll be talking about the specific benefits to saving your own seeds.

Being the go-getter he is, MrBrownThumb got a domain and everything all set up for us to post our schedule, transcripts, and other information we’ll be adding over the next few weeks. You can see that website at Seedchat.com

A twitter account is required to participate in the seed chat, but not required to read the transcripts of the chat afterwards. So if you’re on twitter and would like to participate come on down, we hope to see you at the next seed chat!

They’re held every Wednesday, 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern.

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