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Seeds In The Bank

Current seed bank holdings – February 2015

Please note: As the seed bank grows, it’s become difficult to constantly keep this updated. From now on, a simple .pdf download of what’s in the bank will be available.

If you are interested in any information about these varieties, their history and pedigree, please send me an email at k (at) theseedbank (dot) net.

Plants with additional information will be highlighted on the list below, linking their additional information with an entry. Additional information may include pictures or grow-out trial information. Please note, the list below is not a complete holdings list. To see complete holdings, click on the pdf file at the top of the page.

(H) denotes an heirloom variety.
(OP) denotes a non-heirloom open pollinated variety.


Tomato ‘Dr. Wyche’s Yellow’ (H) (photograph) 1
Tomato ‘Fantome Du Laos’ (AKA ‘Ghost of Laos’) (H) 1
Tomato ‘German Cascade’ (OP) (photograph) 1
Tomato ‘Green Zebra’ (OP) (photograph)
Tomato ‘Moskvich’ aka ‘Moskovich’ (OP) (photograph) 1
Tomato ‘Slavic Masterpiece’ (OP)
Tomato ‘Tlacolula Ribbed’ (H) 1
Tomato ‘Tsygan’ (AKA ‘Zigan’ AKA ‘Gipsy’) (OP) 1
Tomato ‘Weeping Charley’ (OP)*
Tomato ‘Zapotec Pink Pleated’ (H)


Bean (Pole) ‘Mr. Tung’s’ (H) – 1, 2
Bean (Pole) ‘Irish Conners’ (H) – 1

Other Veggies

Snow Peas ‘Slocan’ (H) – 1

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