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Links & information coming soon – here’s a current snapshot of special breeding/grow out projects:

Current Projects

  • “Poltschka X” pole bean – stabilization of a natural cross that resulted in the 2010 grow out year between ‘Poltschka’ and an unknown variety
  • ‘Oma’s’ pole bean – grow out of an unidentified family heirloom, seeing if it can be either ID’d as a known variety, or if it is a separate unknown variety
  • Tomato ‘AP2′ – grow out of an unidentified tomato variety that came out of ‘Americke Pyramidni’ seeds received from Plant Gene Resources Canada. Possibly cross-contamination with another seed, or this is indeed a new cross. Will keep close watch and see if I can ID – if it doesn’t seem to be a known variety, I’ll stabilize and reoffer.
  • Kelly in on February 25 2011 » 0 comments